The idea of „Erasmus Forest” first appeared when there was a celebration of 10th anniversary of Erasmus Programme in Poland. It was the celebration of 10 years of getting to know other countries, cultures, methods of teaching, that’s exactly what the Erasmus Programme is about.
The creation of “Erasmus Forest” symbolizes the beginning of the next decade of Erasmus Programme in Poland, together with the influence of International Students into Polish society as well as transforming this programme which is represented by SocialErasmus. “Erasmus Forest” is the three steps programme. The first part is about planting new trees. The second is the classes, which are the part of “Europe in Schools”, and are conducted by Erasmus Students. This programme is entitled “How to do it in your country, environmental protection everyday”. Third is the publication which promotes ecological behavior of children and teenagers that is run together with National Forests. 17th of April 2010 was the first event during which Erasmus Students from University of Lodz planted trees together in Lodzkie region. That event took place in Zywocin, where we managed to plant 1500 clippings of oak.