ESNOLYMPICS is the national project of ESN Poland allowing foreign students from the whole Poland to take part in sport competitions almost like Olympic Games. During the eliminations in different Polish cities, we select teams, who will meet in Warsaw to compete for the best of the best title. 

The group "Olympics" organise a lot of sports and leisure events, also connected with learning. We focus on communication with Erasmus students what alows us practicing foreign languages. We learn how to organise and manage our time, what is really helpful in the future. Taking care of physical development of Erasmus students is our priority. Our most popular events are sport's day, football, volleyball and basketball tournaments, table soccer tournament and ice skating. We organise also some outdoor activities, like paintball. In the summer semester we are going to organise the yacht camp. We have a lot of fun but also we learn a lot of useful things. Don't hesitate to join us!