Hello people!

Let's Discover Łódź with ESN UŁ again!

This time we want to show you something that Łódź is the most known for- textile industry.
Karol Scheibler was an industrialist born in 1820 in Germany. In 1848 he moved to Poland and started to build a machinery factory in Łódź which got bigger and mastered the whole city.
During our trip we will visit Herbst Palace Museum which links to the history and the most wealthy and influential families in Łódź during the 19th and 20th century. We will have the opportunity to see the rooms, furniture and exhibition which will bring us to the past.
After the museum we will walk and visit the industrial 'district' of Łódź.

But don't worry..we won't only walk :D
The last part is Browar Księży Młyn, place where you can drink the best beers in our lovely city and also see how beer is made!

Take your cameras, phones and take great photos! For the best one we prepare cool prize :)


21/04/2017 - 14:45