Let us take you on a trip to the stunning Polish seaside! It's famous for it's beautiful sandy beaches, amber and the majestic city of Gdańsk!

Seaside Trip in short:
- we sleep and party like crazy in the clubbing capital of Poland: Sopot
- we discover all of the amazing sights Gdańsk has to offer
- we take a private tour of the European Solidarity Centre and learn more about modern Polish history
- we go to play some sports and have a picnic on the beach
- finaly we visit the biggest castle in the world - Malbork!

All the cities included in the trip have something special and very characteristic about them:

Sopot is a lovely seaside city with beautiful views and the best and most famous nightlife scene in all of Poland - we will sleep and party there.

Gdańsk doesn’t really need an introduction - it’s a gorgeous city by the Baltic sea, rich in history and sights, a must see in our country. We'll learn all about its beauty during the specially designed city game and then take a guided tour to understand the importance of Solidarity in our history.

Malbork is where the biggest castle IN THE WORLD IS. Yes, that’s in Poland and you totally must see it while being here! We'll visit the castle with a private guide who will tell us all of its secrets ;)

Each of the cities is famous for its breathtaking architecture which is sure to impress you. During that weekend we will learn about the local mysteries and legends, get to know Gdańsk through an interactive city game, party all night in the best beach clubs of Sopot and visit the mighty castle of Malbork during a private tour!

19/05/2017 - 09:00 to 21/05/2017 - 23:00