ESN OLYMPICS CREW would like to invite you to the Football Tournament during Juwenalia 2017 organised by University of Lodz.

Date: 19.05.2017

Start: 09:00 am (team has to arrive at 8:30 am! – at 09:00 am we start tournament!)
End: about 13:30

Where: Football Pitch of AZS UŁ at Styrska 20/24 Street (Lumumby Campus)

Participation is totally free!

In case of ESN UŁ gave answer back today that we gave invitation to that tournament, you will represent Erasmus Students as a one team called “Erasmus+”. We have only one seat. Team must consist of 10 players (exactly) .
That tournament is a kind of prestige to take part of that, so ESN UŁ please about sured registrations. We do not want situation e.g. you register and you will go out on Thursday evening and you will not arrive on Friday morning to take part in that tournament.

19/05/2017 - 09:00