International Dinner is the amazing journey across the whole World. How about Spanish gazpacho, Greek Moussaka, Hungarian lecsó or maybe Turkish börek? If you want to feel the taste of new dishes this is the event just for you. International Dinner enables you to taste different meals from almost whole World.
We invite all International Students to the preparation of their national dishes and enriching experience in trying different cuisines prepared by others.

Make teams of max 6 people each and fill the form below until Sunday 12 th. When you register, we will inform you about the time and place of shopping (because you don't pay anything for food which you need to prepare dishes). You have two days to prepare the dishes and then we meet to taste it!

The event is held on 16th of March, 4:00 p.m. in student canteen of University of Łódź on Lumumbowo, 14 Lumumby Street (next to dorm no.2). 
There is one rule: WHO DOESN’T COOK, DOESN’T EAT!

Let’s have a try at the taste of the World!

16/03/2017 - 16:00