Are you interested in the current geopolitical situation?
Do you like discussing and sharing views with others?
Have you always wanted to try your strengths in an actual simulation debate?

ESN UŁ wishes to invite you to it's absolutely unique event!

WORDS ARE SWORDS is an International Student Debate organised by the Erasmus Student Network at the University of Łódź. It lasts one day and allows both international and polish students to take part in a discussion of committees which are backed by the help of professors.

The topic of the 2017 edition of Words Are Swords is:
The assimilation of immigrants into society (the role of Communities, Institutions and the State).

Our Committees are:

Here is where you'll be considering all the legal aspects and consequences of the topic matter. How should countries tackle the assimilation of immigrant groups into the local society from the legal viewpoint? What is the state's role in this? What would the perfect legislation look like and why? Should there be limits imposed? How do we make sure we do not close the country's society while still having adequate means to control the situation if need be?

This is where we shall consider the influence of immigration on society and culture. How does it influence a country in those aspects and what should the government do in order to facilitate a dialogue between different social groups while not losing the national identity? Should it intervene at all? Those and more questions will be answered by the members of this Committee.

A big flow of people crossing a country's borders brings many opportunities but also threats. How does one contain them? Form a national and international point of view, how can we make sure that we best keep people safe while not limiting their rights and freedoms? The committee will also explore the processes of cooperation with third countries, regions and international organisations
Money. How does it influence a country's immigration policy? Which economic and financial aspects should be taken in to account while establishing it? This committee will consider the economic impact of immigration for host countries and the way it affects public finances as well as labour market and analyse the use of social benefits for non-nationals.

Each of the committees will be supported by a professor specialising in their respective field.

After the formal opening of the Debate, each Committee will have time to gather and discuss while coming up with a written, structured Proposal. A Proposal should contain all of the
Committee's ideas and solutions which will later be presented during the General Assembly. After a short break the General Assembly opens and each Committee presents their
Proposal. The other Committees may ask questions and form atack speeches against the presented Proposal, after which the presenting Committee comes up with answers and a defence speech. Each presentation is concluded with a vote – all the members of the General Assembly vote for or against the
presented Proposal. Such pattern of discussion shall be followed for each Committee.

During the day we will have coffee breakes and lunch for all of you.

Throughout the entire event a jury of experts shall observe the work of all Committees and choose the most distinguished members thereof who shall be granted awards and each participant will get a Certificate of Special Recognition.

Where? University of Łódź
When? 22.04.2017
Fee? 15zł

Wanna join? Sign here! There is limited number of places in each of the Committees, so hurry up!

22/04/2017 - 09:00 to 18:00