Are you ready for your the most crazy, adventurous and amazing experience? We know you are! Erasmus Student Network University of Lodz together with International Students Office have prepared for you a month full of awesome events, when you can meet and integrate with other students. Join the events to make your exchange year unforgettable!

More info here:

Below you will find the plan of the events. Stay tuned for the details posted here, as many of them require your earlier signup due to the limited number of places:)

29.09.2014 (Monday): Happy meeting Tandem -
1.10.2014 (Wednesday): Polish Party -
2.10.2014 (Thursday): Paintball tournament -
3.10.2014 (Friday): Photowalk - city sightseeing -
4.10.2014 (Saturday): Barbecue
5.10.2014 (Sunday): Barbecue
6.10.2014 (Monday): Pub crawl 
7.10.2014 (Tuesday): Sport competitions
8.10.2014 (Wednesday): Back to School Party
9.10.2014 (Thursday): Movie Night -
10.10.2014 (Friday): Light Move Festival
11.10.2014 (Saturday): Light Move Festival
12.10.2014 (Sunday): Light Move Festival
13.10.2014 (Monday): Greek evening
14.10.2014 (Tuesday): Greek evening
15.10.2014 (Wednesday): Hawaiin Luau Party
17.10.2014 (Friday): Integration Camp
18.10.2014 (Saturday): Integration Camp
19.10.2014 (Sunday): Integration Camp
22.10.2014 (Wednesday): Traffic Light Part 
24.10.2014 (Friday): PRL Party

Hoping to see you soon!
Your ESN & ISO teams