Welcome to HollyŁódź!

Playing your best role has started! Big adventure is upon you. So what you have to do? Meet new people and places.

Join the events to make your exchange year unforgettable!
Below you will find the scenario of events. Stay tuned for the details which will be posted here, as many of them require your earlier signup due to the limited number of places.

11.02. (Wednesday)
Cartoon Party https://www.facebook.com/events/425146064303548/?fref=ts

12.02. (Thursday)

Fat Thursday
According to Polish tradition whoever won't eat at least one doughnut on Fat Thrusday (the last Thursday of carnival) will have bad luck. ESN UŁ comes for a rescue with the doughnut eatig event! So join ESN UL event and eat donuts for free in Magic. Take your friends and join us on Fat Thursday! Let's eat doughnuts together. PS: scientific fact: if you're a girl, Fat Thursday doughnuts go straight to boobs! ;))

See you in Magic Bar at 4 p.m.! (https://www.google.pl/maps/place/Magic.+Grill-bar.+Yousuf+Y.B./@51.779055,19.494316,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xc106572a087815f9?sa=X&ei=upbaVL6qF43PaOyhgvAH&ved=0CH4Q_BIwDA)

16.02. (Monday)
Welcome Meeting on Faculty of Philology at 11 a.m. by ISO

Tandem event
Info soon

17.02. (Tuesday)

19.02. (Thursday)
Info soon

20.02. (Friday)
City Game 
Info soon

22.02. (Sunday)
Free hugs 
Info soon

27.02-01.03 (Friday- Sunday)
Integration Camp
Best integration weekend for 100 international people in amazing cottages in the middle of the forest. Accommodation, food & transport included. Attractions: parties, barbecue, sauna, sports, polish cooking lessons, integration games....
Join us during on the most amazing trip of the semester!
Earlier payment (around 170zl, to be confirmed) and registration required. More info very soon. 
Contact Matt if you have any questions:)