Did you know that Lodz and Lyon are the partner cities? Did you know that they are known thanks to their textile industry and their history related to the cinema?

We, ESNers from ESN UŁ Łódź (Poland) and ESN CosmoLyon (France), know it very well! A few months ago, we decided to create a cooperation between our sections.

Why? Because we wanted to discover the volunteers of this country so far from us (Poland is almost one day journey by car or by bus from France. So, take a good book, a lot of movies and be patient). We also wanted to talk about the working of our sections, compare our projects and events, but above all, have fun together and promote each city !


First, we have created a Facebook group where we can talk together and say anything and everything. For Christmas, we exchanged gifts - Lyon gave Lodz a stuffed lion, which became their mascot called Wlodzimierz and Lodz gave Lyon a very nice soft owl called Oula, which is the mascot of University of Łódź. She has fallen in love with our beautiful lion Cosmix and now, they are inseparable. But the best time of our cooperation was the organization, at the same time, of a French Evening in Lodz and a Polish Evening in Lyon. While Polish Erasmus Students discovered French “clichés”,the International Students from Lyon learned polish expressions, had a chance to taste apple pie and learned how to dance “She dances for me”. It was a great opportunity to discover the culture of each one, preparing such a distance event together.


This is just the first step!  We have a lot of ideas and we are really keen to carry on our project. Waiting for our future common actions, we invite you to come and visit our cities : they are as beautiful and fantastic as their volunteers, who are working to promote international mobility.

Watch our video: