Tandem is a programme of language exchange. This project is dedicated to both polish and foreign students. The aim of Tandem is to use less formal devices to learn and teach languages.

What is also worth to notice, this programme is absolutely FREE of charge.

In pleasant atmosphere in alternative way you can learn and practice foreign language with a native speaker. It is also a great opportunity to get to know a cultural background of your partner.
Lessons are taking place far away from a traditional classrooms. The frequency, and place of the meetings are up to students.

What languages you can learn or teach:
In fact you can learn or teach every possible language!
We had students who can teach you : Polish, English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Italian, Russian and more!

What are advantages of tandem?
- Direct touch with a native speaker
- Marvelously efficient way of learning foreign language by improving fluency in speaking, extending vocabulary and becoming acquainted with useful phrases
- Great chance to get to know people from different parts of the world
- Extraordinary meeting with diversity of cultures, getting familiar with history and tradition of specific countries not by studying books but by exchange of views with a peer

We simply do not need to encourage You to learn foreign languages.
We just create possibilities... Take advantage of them!

At the beginning of the semester people who wants to take part in Tandem Programme need to register. Later we “give” you your Tandem partner – the person who fit your requirements.
’Tandem partners’ arrange their own meetings, set out rules of mutual cooperation and take advantages of created possibilities.

We enable students to contact people with a suitable knowledge of languages and make possible learning each other for free!

Tandem programme creates for you language meetings when you can talk and meet new people from whole Europe. On our evening we learn about other cultures in an easy and simple way. We already had evenings like: Spanish, Greek, Italian, Polish or French Evening.
Join us as soon as possible!

Don’t hesitate, apply for Tandem programme!